Rules to shop by when you hit the sales.

January is the first month of the year and also the month of finding a great bargain since every shop is having a sale to make room for new goods.

I often tell myself to avoid the sales because we often tend to buy things we do not need just because they are cheap. Well being a fashion addict and also a good bargain addict, of course I could not stay away! Who was I kidding anyways lol.

…. but i have set some ground rules for sale shopping.

1)Only buy things you were already interested in when they were full price.

This rule especially counts if you are in the highstreet shops. Because everything is sort of cheap anyways. Choose the pieces wisely. Do not waste your money on trendy pieces that you know you’ll only wear once or not at all. Get a classic winter coat or good knits that you can wear a lot until Spring arrives and during Spring over your flowy dresses. Maybe even during the next Fall/Winter season. Search for pieces that look expensive.

2) make sure you get the right size

We all know how it feels to find the designer shoes, you have been drooling over the past season, on the sale isle. You grab a hold on them and just know that you absolutely need them right!? no matter what it takes! and then you try them on and you know immidiately that the fit is not right at all but you still try again to see what if (what if my feet have become smaller within a few seconds)

fact is you will never ever use the shoes if they are too small and then they will just make you regret spending that money instead of saving them for a better deal.

3) Rather buy 1 piece than 10 you will probably never use

When I go sale shopping I always start in the more expensive departments to see if I can score a designer deal at a reduced price.This could be a good pair of jeans or an amazing knit or coat. I always go for the classic pieces that I can wear again and again. I will rather only buy one piece that I normally would not be able to afford due to the price than buy 10 things at a highstreet shop that I know I will only wear once and then never again.

So these are my 3 ground rules for sale shopping but it really goes for all shopping. Make sure the pieces fit you and your style and you will be good to go.

So what did I invest in this sale you may ask?

well I almost cut of a toe off to fit in a pair of Balenciaga pointy boots but I let them go lol

To be honest I have not really done that much sale shopping this time around, but I did score this offwhite teddy coat this weekend just hanging alone in the shop in my size. it is perfect for the rest of winter and I will definately be saving this coat for next year as well. I got 70% knocked off the price so it turned out to be a great bargain.


Do you have any rules for sale shopping?


Coat: H&M

Pants: Minus Fashion SS19

Bag: Proenza Schouler

Sneakers: Deichmann AW18

Sunnies: NA-KD Fashion

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