It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


Hi everyone,

I know I keep saying sorry for not posting here this often, but lately everything has been super hectic as December always is right!?

Therefore Instagram is the place i have been mostly because its super fast and easy to share content with you guys.

Anyway… This Christmas we have decided to do things a bit differently in my family. We do not have any children on this side of the family which made us think about how unimportant giving gifts really is? Should it even be this important? Especially as we live in a world where we all buy what we need when we need it? quite spoiled right?

We decided to go back to basics and forget about the gifts. Focus on being together and spending time with one another instead. As a bonus we do not have to stand in line in all the stores with the rest of Denmark lol.

How are you spending the holidays? at home with family? og maybe traveling somewhere?

I know I am looking forward to a lovely Christmas with my family and hubs – kick back and relax, watch cheesy Christmas movies and eating way to much amazing food and my Grandmothers Christmas cookies. What more do we really need? 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!


Tights: Gucci

Phonecase: Michael Louis NY

(get 15% off +free initials with BRITTA15) shop here

Bag: Louis Vuitton Palm Springs mini

Sunnies: NAKD fashion





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Military Jacket

I say this all the time! Choose your winter coats wisely!

If you you do not have an unlimited budget like Kim K – choosing the right coat is crutial!

Think classics and something you can reuse season after season.

Like this military jacket from Tommy Hilfiger

It is like 6 years old! but I use it every year.

I try to always plan ahead to be sure what coat to splurge on.

Also regularly cleaning out my closet helps in the decision making process.

Getting rid of pieces you never use or are ruined from last year needs to be tossed.

Another plus is you might earn a buck or two if you decide to sell old pieces.

What coat have you plurged on this year? or are you reusing an oldie like me?


Coat: Tommy Hilfiger

Belt: Gucci

Jeans: Piezak

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