My love / hate relationship with denim

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

I have always had a love for denim and I can clearly remember my first denim overall dress as a little girl.

You know the ones right? I think every little girl had those back then.

As I have grown older and maybe wiser denim have always been in my closet. either as the classic jeans or as the trusted denim jacket.

I mean they are what we call classics right? especially a good pair of Levis 501’s seems to be a must!

Well this is where I already get a little stressed out. I see myself in the fitting room trying on yet another pair of 100% cotton denims and realising they do not fit!!… and the feeling… being so sad and angry at yourself for not having the skinny model body that everyone around you seems to have.. the hate I have felt for my curvy body and still feel from time to time.

These feeling were exactly what went through my mind yesterday when I got the jeans I ordered from Bubbleroom. When I saw them laying in the seethrough plastic I already imagined the worst because thats the feeling that I associate with skinny jeans.

But boy was I wrong! These jeans are a gamechanger for sure!! I think these might actually become a stable in my closet. In fact I think I need them in every color!

They are high waisted and the strech is phenomenal! I can actually move in them!! They curve you see what I did there in all the right places and keeps everything tucked in and in its place at the same time!

I simply dont know why I keep stressing myself out about this! What a waste og time right?!


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Military Jacket

I say this all the time! Choose your winter coats wisely!

If you you do not have an unlimited budget like Kim K – choosing the right coat is crutial!

Think classics and something you can reuse season after season.

Like this military jacket from Tommy Hilfiger

It is like 6 years old! but I use it every year.

I try to always plan ahead to be sure what coat to splurge on.

Also regularly cleaning out my closet helps in the decision making process.

Getting rid of pieces you never use or are ruined from last year needs to be tossed.

Another plus is you might earn a buck or two if you decide to sell old pieces.

What coat have you plurged on this year? or are you reusing an oldie like me?


Coat: Tommy Hilfiger

Belt: Gucci

Jeans: Piezak

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