January Layers

Hi Guys,

Happy almost weekend!

January is super dark and cold around here so layering up is key to keeping warm!

(I am wearing double socks in these kicks lol)

The hours with light are so few that one only hopes for spring or a paradise island with palmtrees, sand and a cold drink lol

Luckily the days are getting longer and before we know it spring and blossoms will be in the air again.

therefore we have to enjoy our winter wardropes for a little while longer.

I love wearing scarfs all year around as it keeps me warm and it also keeps away a soar throught.

I litterally wear a woolen scarf every day during fall and winter – I think I have the same amount of scarves as I have shoes……. Not counting either ones anytime soon though…

And even though I have started cleaning out my closet for spring clothes, I am not getting rid of those scarves.

Denmark is always a little behind on the warmer temps so having scarves at hand is a must around here.

Do you have an accessory that you can not live without like I do?

Let me know by commenting below.

Thank you so much for reading!


Hat: Gina Tricot shop here

Coat: Vero moda (old collection) shop similar fra NAKD  here

Pants: Saint Tropez shop similar here

Shoes: Converse shop here

Scarf: H&M old collection shop similar fra NAKD here

Bag: Baginc shop similar here


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  1. I love the cold weather just because you get to layer. Denmark is waaaaay colder than where I live in sunny California, so I envy some of your cold weather. I can’t believe you are wearing two layers of socks! =). I don’t have many scarves in my closet just because I don’t really need them as much as you do there. But the one accessory I have to have is sunglasses. Guess that goes with the theme of being in California. I love this all black look and the added grey scarf. Perfect for the winter style. xoxo, Christine

  2. Hi love,

    I love your cozy and warm outfit! That black coat looks just amazing with a cap and woolen scarf. I also have an accessory that I can’t live w/o – sunglasses. I wear them everywhere.


  3. I’m so obsessed with these fisherman hats right now. It looks so cute on you. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like them but they look super cute with just about everything and can cover up a bad hair day like a breeze! lol


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