2018 Resolutions

We are already halfway through January and I am finally feeling like myself again.

After spending all my time in bed with phnemoia all during the holidays it has been a rough start of  the new year.

I have not made any new years resolutions as I always find myself quitting before I even start because I feel like it is a task!

Instead I have decided that, instead of starting a crazy diet or set some goals that are unachivable, I will do small things to make my everyday a little easier.

1. Quit obsessing about what people think

I find myself stressing about what people think! especially when it comes to blogging and Instagram –

do people like my outfits? do they even care enough to read this post? am I good enough for this business? the questions are endless!

This obsession with the thoughts of other people has to stop in 2018 because it only adds to ones insecurities.

2. Quit being surrounded by negative people

Negative and narrow minded people only only gives you guess what?! Negative energy!

Life is to short to be surrounded by negative people when all they do is bring you down.

Try and find a way to spend less time with them.

Or if you find that those people are important to you try if you can talk to them about it.

Maybe they are unaware of the fact or they are having some trouble with something themselves.

if they don’t care than maybe it will be easier to seperate yourself from them.

3. clean out the clutter

I love cleaning out other peoples closets – it is so easy when it is not your own stuff haha

this year I want to clean out all the pieces that I do not wear and have not worn in a while.

I am selling the good stuff of course and then donating the rest to charity.

this goes for the rest of the house as well.

Have you made any resolutions this year? And are you good at sticking to them? or do you quit them quickly?


Dress: Gestuz (old Collection)

Trench: H&M


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  1. I’m very uplifted and inspired by your positive blog post! Also totally obsessed with your red pea coat!

    Posh Classy Mom

  2. Britta!! awwww sis!! I love this. You are right babe! We have made it this far without really caring what people think so i think we just need to think that way. Be you! You are a star and an amazing friend and I love you for that!

    Keep inspiring us girl!!


  3. Oh no, I hope you’re feeling better now! Being sick really sucks esp around the holidays. I stopped caring about what ppl think about me. I’m weird and outspoken. Who cares. I think I’m my most negative critic… I’m working on gratitude this year. And I’m also cleaning out my closet! So proud of myself!!

  4. Love your 2018 resolutions. Especially about quit being surrounded by negative people. I sometimes find myself in the situation of being surround by the negative energies between some of the negative people around me is dragging me down. I definitely need to disassociate myself away from those people. I recently wrote a similar post about setting goals and new year’s resolutions.



  5. I love that you just did the small stuff. All these things i think everyone can relate to. I think we all worry about what other people think a little too much. Negative people are a huge waste of space! And i just cleaned out my closet and it was uber refreshing!!

  6. Hey Sweetie:)
    How are you?
    I hope you are Better now Darling:)
    Amazing resolutions:)
    I made a Big cleaning too in my House, Wardrobe befor NYE:) To start Clean the 2018:)
    Love, Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  7. Such a great idea to take small steps in order to achieve your goals! I relate to some of your problems like obsessing about what people think of me.
    Also, I have a lot of clutter: both on my computer and in wardrobe.
    I’ll add your resolutions to my personal list.

  8. Totally with with on stopping being surrounded by negative people, they suck all your energy! I’m all about the good vibes only and don’t allow any room for negativity whatsoever.

    Thanks for sharing your new year’s resolutions, you look gorgeous btw!

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