Winter colors


During winter it seems like everyone tends to wear the same colors as the weather aka the darkest colors possible!

As much as I love a good monochrome outfit and all black looks it can be quite dull during these darker months.

It is time for a change and I decided to go with the more colorful choice of coat for my last visit in Copenhagen,

Oddly enough everyone was able to spot me in a croud full of black coats haha

To tone the coat down I styled it with a pleated leather skirt, neutral chunky knit and black accessories.

Thank you for reading!


Coat: H&M

Skirt: Day Birger et Mikkelsen

Knit: Zara

Boots: Deichmann


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  1. Wow I am obsessed with this jacket. That color yellow is one of my favorites and its good to know H&M has it. I love the hat too, it’s so adorable. You really rocked this outfit and look great in it!Thanks for sharing doll!

    ~ xo Sheree

  2. Hi there love! I hear you about the dark colors of winter. I myself am a black, white and grey lover but every now and then love to add a pop of color. The color of your jacket is gorgeous and looks stunning on you against the black leather pleated skirt! Keep up your wonderful style girl!

  3. I know! Everyone wears black coats. I usually like wearing a bright red or a neutral color (not black) during the winter to avoid looking like everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good black coat, but it’s nice to add a pop of color! Loving that yellow coat so much!

  4. Hi dear!

    You know, orange is my all-time-favorite color!
    I love your super stylish coat and this cap looks amazing!
    Also, that leather skirt by Day Birger et Mikkelsen is something incredible!


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