Him & Daniel Wellington

Today I am hanging out with my two favourite men!

Hubs and Daniel Wellington that is!

It should always be a big priority to spend time with loved ones.

Even during the busiest time in your life be sure to make time!

I keep up with time with my new Classic Petite Ashfield in all black – another classic addition to Daniel Wellingtons already gorgeous collection.

I normally wear a more mens size watch, but this petite makes it easier to stack my favourite bangles as well.


On another note….

Don’t get me wrong hubs and I love each other to the moon and back but we are probably the most stubborn couple on this planet!

Just agreeing on these pics was.. well lets just say not easy haha

I went for the ‘oh we are so in love’ kind of picture and he of course went for the goofy one!

As a compromise we decided to add both pics in this post!

Now it is up to you guys to decide which one gets posted on Instagram later this month

please wote for your favourite in a comment below.

Get your new Daniel Wellington with 15% off using ‘BRITTA15DW’ at checkout.


Dress: Mbym – shop here

Boots: Deichmann X Ellie Goulding – shop here

Bag: Hieleven – shop here

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  1. I love Daniel Wellington watches as they are so classic in design and minimal and they go with everything. I prefer oversized faces as well but the petite style is growing on me. I think it is so cute that you did a photo shoot with your hubbie and in this case, I have to agree with him – I love the one of you two laughing. Of course for Instagram the romantic one is preferred, but it is nice to see some smiles and “real life” on the blog! xoxo, Christine

  2. Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    The DW watch is Stunning and So Elegant:)I love watches so much,I have 20:)
    And you 2 are so cute, love your Dress:)
    So Pretty on you:)
    Happy Week
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

  3. I absolutely love your Classic Petite Ashfield DW watch but beyond that, your entire outfit is superb! Every detail is so pretty! The colors in your dress really pop! I love both of these photos! But if I’m being totally honest…I love love the first! So one point for your hubby! You guys look so candid and like that’s the fun you guys have in real life! Side note: you should see my husband and I trying to take a selfie… it’s pointless… we both fight for center and give-up! haha!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  4. You and your husband are so cute! I am definitely a fan of this Daniel Wellington watch. I like that it is feminine and smaller in size so that it can be paired with other accessories. I also love the outfit that you styled it with! The floral patterns are so perfect for this season.

    ~xo Sheree

  5. I love this Daniel Wellington Watch! Such a classic piece to have. I love the shots you have with your husband, and I have noticed that he is making his appearance on your posts more and more frequent! You guys look so cute together!! I’m so in love with your boots too! (not because I have the same pair) , cause that pair is truly amazing!! Guess we both have great tastes =P

    xx, Jessie

  6. Your husband is such a good sport – my refuses to have anything to do with my social media LOL. Luckily my kids are good sports and I can bribe them to shoot with me – or be my photogs. This watch is so pretty and dainty – and totally perfect for stacking. Drooling over that H bracelet!!

  7. Aw you guys look so cute love this picture of both of you!! Agreed now matter how busy we are we should always try to make time for our loved one. I love DW they have so many great classic pieces that combines with all my looks. I have exactly this one and cannot stop wearing it!


  8. I’m also one who prefers more of a men’s sized face, rather than the smaller version. I love how Daniel Wellington offers both options now for those who may have different preferences! My fiancé and I also always disagree on which photos are best. I am glad you went with both for this post. I vote for the 2nd one for IG 🙂

  9. I find amazing how Daniel Wellington has completely revolutionized the watch market with their timeless, elegant and affordable timepieces; it blows me away – I have my eye on the classic petite and I’m thinking about getting it because my wrist is very small and the struggle to find watches that fit me is real.

  10. Dear Britta, so you have an affair with a Swedish guy… And yes, I’m speaking of Daniel Wellington as the brand comes from here, haha. Glad your hubby is so forgiving and understanding and due to that I think you should give him the pleasure of you posting the goofy picture. 🙂 As for DW, they’ve really upped their game from where they began at and are now making really classy watches that I could consider wearing too!

  11. I love the photos of you and your hubs and that watch is gorgeous!! Love DW!! Don’t worry luv, my hubs is completely stubborn when it comes to getting his photo taken, especially when I will display it on my platform. You two are the cutest!!
    Grey Canvas

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