Different Set of Eyes

On todays post I would like to talk about eyeglasses!

I only recently started using prescripion glasses after feeling a chronical headache every single day after 8 hours infront of the office computer. It was not until my doctor recomended that I should go and see my eyedocter that I realized that this was even the issue.

Next up was shopping for the perfect pair of glasses! I knew instantly that I was not a lence kind of girl.

Of course I ended up buying some expensive designer frames because… Well I though my first pair should kind of special.

Later on I wanted more options even though i had sworn to myself (read my bank and my husband) that I would love these frames forever and ever!

Since i was not going to make the same mistake of buying yet another set of designer frames I decided to search for a more suitable option and came across  GlassesShop.com and then i tought why not buy your glasses online?

They have a wide range of prescription glasses and even prescription sunglasses at a resonable price and all you need are the details from your eyedoctor and then start picking frames!

I decided to go with the timesless clear eyeglasses that goes with everything and I love them!

Maybe even more than my designer ones! Please don’t tell!

Shop your new glasses here and use code GSHOT50 and get 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses (sale excluded)





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  1. This is amazing. I honestly went through the same thing because after using my computer for a few hours I start to get a little bit of a headache. Then I told myself that it was time to maybe go see an eye doctor. I never know if I should try to buy glasses online because I don’t know if they’ll be right. But these seem wonderful and I’ll for sure take a look at the website!

  2. Love that pair of frame!! I’ve been looks for something like that to wear it home. I’m actually short sighted and I often wear contact lens when I’m out and about. But when I’m home tend to give my eyes a break and wear glasses. This pair of clear framed glasses is so pretty! can’t wait to get a pair for myself.

    xx, Jessie

  3. I just started wearing prescription glasses for reading and I can’t believe I waited so long! I love your clear frames – they are the cutest! I refuse to go high end for mine – I just get a few pairs online and save a ton. I’ll have to check out the GlassesShop!

  4. This timing is so funny! I was just searching the internet for some new clear spectacles!! I have been wanting to get a pair for a while but haven’t found the right pair. I love the idea of ordering online. Thanks for the recommendation – I’ll check out GlassesShop for sure. J. x

  5. These are so cute girl! Love all the photos too!
    Need to check out GlassesShop.com for sure and use this promo code! What a great deal! 🙂
    Sunglasses can be super expensive, so it’s good to know about more affordable yet stylish options, so thanks for sharing!

  6. These frames look awesome Britta! I’ve always have issues finding the correct frames for myself cuz my face is pretty small and frames make me look geeky. Guess this translucent alternative looks good! Gotta check GlassesShop out 😉 Thanks for the intro!

  7. These are such fun glasses! I love that they are clear and most importantly affordable. It’s nice that you can shop them online since there seems to be way more options with online frames than if you went into an optometrist’s office. I can’t wait to see these frames on you! xoxo, Christine

  8. Those are seriously so cute! Love them. I’ve never needed glasses but I actually have always wanted a pair! I recently went to an eye doctor and realized eventually I will need it! I will make sure to keep these frames in mind!

  9. Wow I also wear translucent frames. Love that ones too. Thank you for sharing a link of glasses shop! I’ve already ordered Avignon Square black sunglasses there.


  10. Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    Thank for Good My Eyes are very good and even though that I use all Day , Ipad phone etc, Don’t need Glasses. Maybe my Magic Tea Helps lol:) ahhha:)
    Loved your Glasses and that White Blouse what appears a bit:)
    Wish you Happy Week
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

  11. There is something so charming and smart about wearing a good pair of prescriptive glasses! I used to hate it because glasses tends to give me headaches but I start to wear them again lately because glasses are in 🙂 Love this clear frame , so chic!

    xo Sheree

  12. These eye glasses are so stylish. Once you find the right pair that fits your face perfectly, it transforms your whole look. Very sophisticated and chic. I used to wear eye glasses but I had lasik done a few years ago. I love it!

    xx, Maryam

  13. Loving how you’ve taken shots of your glasses with the magazines! I think you can pull off a smart, chic sophisticated look with those glasses for sure! Keep killing it!

  14. Absolutely love the frames that you pick babe!! I remember when I buy my first ones too and I also wanted some special ones with good quality and invest good money so they last a few years. So I end up buying some channels and have been using them for 4 years. However I broke one leg on the Paris airport last month while taking them out on security check. I wanna replace them for some new ones and I love the new clear glasses options in the market that I may consider them.


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