Spring?! Is that you?

Yesterday the thermometer showed 19 degrees!! That is only a few degrees from Summer here in Denmark!

of course I had to spend most of the day inside of the office, but when I got off work all I could think about was leaving and enjoy every moment of this sunny day! I stopped by the local supermarket and bought ice cream for hubs and I to enjoy while sitting outside!

I have waited for these lighter days in what feels like forever and finally they seem to have arrived!

Goodbye winter coats and warm boots and hello brighter colors, cherry blossoms and long summer evenings!

Cheers to this sunny weekend! I hope you are enjoying every moment!

Thank you for reading!


Head to toe: Y.A.S (shop the look here )

Shoes: Adidas Stans



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  1. Britta!! I cant wait to see you!! omg its been too long!!! only like 5 weeks left sis!!! ahhh!! we need to get some nice London shots and all pink cafes!! hahahaha poor stef and scott!! dont worry they can wait for us at a pub!!! Cant wait to see you!!! xxx Ash


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