Goodbye winter coats part 2

One would think that because you are a blogger / instagramer, it is crucial to spend as much as possible on the latest clothes, shoes and accessories that the fashion world dictates.

As much as i love following the latest trends I am more of a classic shopper.

I love to look for classics – pieces I can wear with most of my wardrobe that are timeless.

This does not immediately mean that I never wear colors. I just pick them wisely.

Like my very colourful Falabella from Stella Mccartney. I Love the chunky chains and the soft suede. I could have chosen the safe one black or grey,  but I decided that coral would be perfect for Spring and Summer. And in this case also through winter.

 You might have noticed, if you follow me on Instagram, just how much I wear this coat!

I have worn it almost everyday this winter! This I might come to regret, when I go through my phone for a new post, and all I am wearing is this coat 90% of the time!

But that just shows my point!

You do not need to buy everything on the rack! Buy the items that you feel suits your style and you know can be worn with everything season after season.

A special thanks to my husband for always supporting me even though he teases me about all the outfit changes – but i guess thats what husbands do! 😉

Thank you for reading!


Coat: Magasin

Boots & hat: H&M

Jeans: Pieszak

Bag: Stella Mccartney

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  1. Babe! Love this look on you, same here about the classics. I push myself to go towards riskier pieces and more color but at the end of the day i end up buying the same type of outfits haha! Oh well. At least it looks so good and you always look like a boss lady! Love you <3

  2. Hahah! That is what husbands do!😂 They do it with so much love for us!😂 You know I love this coat babe. Now it’s Tine for spring & summer. But When it will be winter you are ready!
    Xx Kelly

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