A Touch of Pink

The Christmas traditions are en full sving and that means a lot of family gatherings with lots of food and sweets!

I already have all Christmas gifts ready for every family member – all i need now is a Chrismastree!

The city can be a bit chaotic in December I bet yours is as well , but what I love about it is the Christmas decorations and the big Christmastree in the town square.

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

When Christmas shopping it can be to hot to wear a long coat running in and out of the shops.

Therefore I often choose a sweater to keep me warm instead.

This time I styled it with a striped longer shirt and coated jeans. What I love about this sweater is the bows at the end of the sleeves that gives it that chic vibe we are all in need of.

Wearing: all Zara

(I know I know – but did not realize untill I had to tag the labels on Insta)

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  1. Perfect holiday casual look sis!!! And how cute is your bag!!!!! Love it!!! Totally in love with all things pink right now!! Wishing you the most amazing Christmas and new year sis!!!

  2. I have been eye-ing this sweater for soooo long!!! The all wearing Zara killed me hahaha, you know it sister!! Also I love that baggggg<3 <3<3 it is the perfect touch to this already perfect outfit. Also, food. Okay, I'm done now.

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