Irresistible Me

Hi Guys,

Fall has arrived here and with the falling leaves I decided to let my long locks fall as well.

To be honest I really did not have much choice in the matter.

My hardresser must not have been a big fan of my hair, since she decided to make such a huge mess of it, that led it to be so ruined, that there was only one option. CUT IT!

Luckily it ended up being longer than what I had imagined such a relief .

Now the shorter do has grown on me and I have found the pros of having shorter hair.

  • 20 minutes less blowdry time
  • when i curl or straighten it it does not take half a day
  • I dont wake up doring the night being choked in my hair
  • much less shampoo = more money for shoes!!

 These simple 3 facts make me love it!

The cons however is:

  • not having that long sleek ponytail or braid
  • not that many options when it comes to hairstyles
  • having to style it everyday instead of the easy bun/ponytail

Irresitible Me gave med the best of both world with their easy clip-in extensions that matches my own haircolor perfectly!

They are so easy to clip in and out and are so strong that you dont have to fear them falling out during the day. can you imagine?! All the feers and doubts that you get from other girls having extentions is nonexisting.

 I wear them a lot more than I had imagined I would. I have always had long hair so I never needed extensions before, but now they are such a lifesaver. Who knew that having long hair could be that important?!

Now I can have my long ponytail back whenever I want and still have the shorter do during the workweek.

The best of both worlds – what can be better than that?



1st. look:

Pink skirt: Asos

Lace top: She in

Heels: Ego

Bag: Proenza Schouler

2nd look:

Knit: Only

Skirt: Gina Tricot

Bag: Rosewholesales

3rd look:

Extensions: Irresitible Me

Knit: Zara

Boots: zara

Skirt: Freequent

Bag: Chanel





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  1. Babe! The best of both worlds is the best! I love the short hair look on you! But you already know.😉 But holy, that super long hair is also looking gorgeous on you! Xx kelly

  2. I like your hair short. It’s so nice! I have irresistible me extensions too. I really liked them. I grew to really dislike having short hair. I’m waiting for it to grow out more, so the extension are a great alternative on days you miss long hair. 🙂


  3. hahahaha Britta!!! you always always crack me up!!!! waking up choking from hair!! this sounds like something from a horror movie!! you hair looks amazing short and the extensions also looks so lush!!! its great that we can change our looks within 5 minutes!!! I used to have hair extension for a long time too. love love them. ps, we have the same top, bag, i just need your skirt and we are twins!! love you babe!! xxx

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