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If you dont know this by now I looooove fashion and everything about it. The only thing is i dont really know why?

People often ask me why I dont work in the industry, when I love it so much. To be honest I do not have an answer.

I did not grow up in a fashionable home like some of my fellow bloggerfriends did, where their mother had a passion for fashion and me and my friends could go ‘shopping’ for Chanel and other famous labels in her closet.

The closest person, I can remember who inspired me, fashionwise when I was little, was my grandmother. She always looked so well put together in her trenchcoats, heels and skirts.

Later I spend a lot of money (read all my money) on fashion magazines. Like Carrie Bradshaw would say it I felt that it fed me more than food.

Today inspiration is everywhere –  just a tap away. Everyone have access to social media, blogging away about what they love the most.

I love social media and how it can connect you with people, all over the world, you otherwise would never have met.

On the other hand do actually enjoy the moment were in while we type away on our cellphones, computers and tablets. Are we to fixated on getting a perfect shot for Instagram that we simply forget to live in the moment?

Has it all become to much?

Where do you find inspiration? Please comment below.


Thank you for reading.


Pics from Copenhagen.

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  1. I think this is my favorite post of yours babe. I love learning more about you, I love knowing what’s in your mind. I am proud to see how your blog grows with you. Honestly I get overwhelmed with social media from time to time. The bodies, the designer pieces, the delish food. Perfect fake lives are often too much so I just pause from time to time. But on the other side, I lvoe it so much because I am so much more inspired to create and do my own thing. To be different. And I love that you are the same. You might not work in Fashion, you are even more amazing to me. Love you always sis,


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