Goodbye Summer… Hallo Fall….

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Summer has definitely left Denmark!

It is time to dig out boots and warm knits from the back of our closets!…. Or buy new items! I am still looking for the perfect over knee boots and a classic grey wool coat! if you have any suggestions please contact me 🙂

I thought I would say goodbye to Summer by sharing some pics from early Spring, when everything was blossoming. This road has the most beautiful fields during Spring and Summer and the most gorgeous sunsets all year around!

If you follow me on Instagram you will probably recognize this road. I have shot many pics there, as it is perfect for shooting in any season. Like the beautiful sunset from the other night or when it is snowing.

Even though it is a bit sad to leave Summer behind, I am so ready for fall.

In fact it is my favorite season in Denmark. I love long walks through the forrest (yes we have one nearby) watching the beautiful red, yellow and brown leaves falling from the trees, and the best part is, to cuddle up in a warm blanket by the fire, when you get home.

Furthermore: what is not to love about fall fashion?! Layered outfits with all the alluring heavy materials like wool, leather and fur mixed with your favorite silk and chiffon dresses and tops. Even better!: It is perfectly okay to wear black all day! everyday! Whats not to love about that?!!

Goodbye Summer! I will see you next year!

Wearing: Hat: H&M, Top: Zara, Pants: Moondust, Shoes: Christian Louboutin


Thank you for reading 🙂



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  1. It’s always a little difficult to leave summer behind, but I’m with you – so ready for fall! Can’t wait to wear the different trends which I’m loving for the colder months!

  2. You know how much i absolutely adore these picts babe!!! they really represented your summer vibe and that road is just stunning!!! i agree with you babe!! love love fall!! hehe just not for too long. a short one will do me just fine! Hope you’re having a lovely week sis and I cant wait to see you in a few weeks!! yay!!! lots of love. Ash

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