Femme Luxe Shopping Haul

Hello everyone! 

It’s been a while since my last post but now I’m back with a new exiting post for you.

We all love a great shopping haul right?! Nothing beats online shopping! Sitting at home in bed while watching TV and order stuff and try them on at home.

Femme Luxe was kind enough to send me some of their pieces to review. And I could not be more exited! I’ve admired their pieces for while but I’ve been scared to try them because their models are so sexy and gorgeous. I wasn’t sure whether it would be the right fit, but here I am lol!

Femme Luxe is a UK based brand with a lot of great selection for your inner girl boss! Femme Luxe pieces will boost your confidence for sure!

If you want to look fierce and fabulous Femme Luxe is definitely your place to go! The have Eudora sexy shirt dresses to lounge wear to shoes and accessories. Everything reasonably priced and easy to style with pieces you already own.

Tbh I had not shopped at Femme Luxe before they reached out to me and I was a bit unsure to say yes because I didn’t know their sizing. Sizing is very important to me due to my curvy bits. But I’m so excited to say that everything fits just like I had hoped. Yay!

I’ve selected 3 tops to style with all the skirts I have bought this season! Whoops 😬 I really should be on a shopping ban lol – oh well – you only love once! I especially wanted some statement pieces to style with satin midi colorful skirts.

First up is this rose colored front tie top in the softest stretch fabric. Like the rebel I am I tied it on the back which shows of the waist. Also what I adore is the long sleeves with the ruffle details. The ruffles adds the perfect feminine touch. It’s true to size so order your normal size when buying it. I feel it would look amazing with cute denim shorts and a pearl hair clip as well. Might try that later on.


Second up is the Yves Saint Love white tee. I’m obsessed with logo tees and when I saw this it was love at first sight! It reminds me of the Saint Laurent without Yves tees from some years back but cuter! It comes in black and white and it was very hard picking between the two, but decided on the white since it’s summer lol. Plus white goes with everything so I bet i will get a lot of wears out of this one.

Its super stretchy and I love the fact that I can tie it in the front to match a high waisted skirt. I sized down in this since it wasn’t available in my original size, but since it’s so stretchy it works out pretty well. So don’t be scared about the size. It will fit you.

Third up is this very cool oversized Giveintome crop sweatshirt. Again it reminds me a bit of the designer Givenchy but not in a knockoff kind of way. It’s super cute that Femme Luxe as twisted the words but you still think of Givenchy when you see it. I love the raw hem and the fact that I can style it with feminine skirts like this one, but also as part of my workout gear when hitting the gym or with denims and kicks for a casual look. I bought my original size but actually wished that I had sized down due to the sleeve length.

Last up it the 3 layered gold coin necklace that easily adds some chiqueness to any outfit. I love the different sized coins that make a statement with any outfit. I will be styling this with every outfit above but it also goes with everything else in my wardrobe. It’s simple and easy to wear. 

I’ve linked every piece for you below to shop for yourself. 

I hope you liked this Femme Luxe shopping haul. It definitely won’t be the last!

Happy humpday and happy shopping!

lots of love!

Front tie crop top: shop here

Yves Saint Love tee: shope here

Giveintome sweatshirt: shop here

Coin Necklace: shop here

although the pieces are gifted

all images and opinions are my own.

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Rules to shop by when you hit the sales.

January is the first month of the year and also the month of finding a great bargain since every shop is having a sale to make room for new goods.

I often tell myself to avoid the sales because we often tend to buy things we do not need just because they are cheap. Well being a fashion addict and also a good bargain addict, of course I could not stay away! Who was I kidding anyways lol.

…. but i have set some ground rules for sale shopping.

1)Only buy things you were already interested in when they were full price.

This rule especially counts if you are in the highstreet shops. Because everything is sort of cheap anyways. Choose the pieces wisely. Do not waste your money on trendy pieces that you know you’ll only wear once or not at all. Get a classic winter coat or good knits that you can wear a lot until Spring arrives and during Spring over your flowy dresses. Maybe even during the next Fall/Winter season. Search for pieces that look expensive.

2) make sure you get the right size

We all know how it feels to find the designer shoes, you have been drooling over the past season, on the sale isle. You grab a hold on them and just know that you absolutely need them right!? no matter what it takes! and then you try them on and you know immidiately that the fit is not right at all but you still try again to see what if (what if my feet have become smaller within a few seconds)

fact is you will never ever use the shoes if they are too small and then they will just make you regret spending that money instead of saving them for a better deal.

3) Rather buy 1 piece than 10 you will probably never use

When I go sale shopping I always start in the more expensive departments to see if I can score a designer deal at a reduced price.This could be a good pair of jeans or an amazing knit or coat. I always go for the classic pieces that I can wear again and again. I will rather only buy one piece that I normally would not be able to afford due to the price than buy 10 things at a highstreet shop that I know I will only wear once and then never again.

So these are my 3 ground rules for sale shopping but it really goes for all shopping. Make sure the pieces fit you and your style and you will be good to go.

So what did I invest in this sale you may ask?

well I almost cut of a toe off to fit in a pair of Balenciaga pointy boots but I let them go lol

To be honest I have not really done that much sale shopping this time around, but I did score this offwhite teddy coat this weekend just hanging alone in the shop in my size. it is perfect for the rest of winter and I will definately be saving this coat for next year as well. I got 70% knocked off the price so it turned out to be a great bargain.


Do you have any rules for sale shopping?


Coat: H&M

Pants: Minus Fashion SS19

Bag: Proenza Schouler

Sneakers: Deichmann AW18

Sunnies: NA-KD Fashion

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London Baby!

Hi everyone!

Happy new year to you all! I am so ready to get 2019 on a roll and I started the year by visiting my favourite city of all time! London.

Woke up January 1st and got on a plane. I can’t think of a better way to start the new year. In fact more travels are on my resolution list this year and hopefully it will stick 🙂

London is only an hour plain ride away from Denmark so it easy to visit for a few days.

This time around I went for 4 days and tried to visit all my favourite places and do some shopping. I traveled with hubs and my brother and therefore we also planned to visit all the tourist attractions which there are many of as you know.

I still have London Eye on my bucket list but I think I will wait till the renovations of Big Ben are done to get the full experience.

What I love about London is the endless possibilities and the endless exploring oppertunities!

There are always always more gems to be found and new shops and areas to explore.

This is exactly what I love most about city vacays! Not that I am not a fan of sunbathing holidays cause I definately am! But there is something special about the city atmosphere and the business of them that I love – especially when I do not have to stress about anything.

So much has happened in the city since my last visit and now I can see it really coming together with all the new builds and sights.

I love how good they are at mixing the classic older buildings in with the new and do not even get me started on all the decorations still up from Christmas! It always always blows my mind! So beautiful and creative and even the smallest shops make an effort to decorate in the best way with either lights or flowers. Denmark has a lot to learn from this. And we are in fact known as the country of ‘Hygge’.

Anyways! we had the best time sightseeing, eating lots and lots of yummy food and even a bit of shopping!

Do you have any resolutions for the new year?





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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


Hi everyone,

I know I keep saying sorry for not posting here this often, but lately everything has been super hectic as December always is right!?

Therefore Instagram is the place i have been mostly because its super fast and easy to share content with you guys.

Anyway… This Christmas we have decided to do things a bit differently in my family. We do not have any children on this side of the family which made us think about how unimportant giving gifts really is? Should it even be this important? Especially as we live in a world where we all buy what we need when we need it? quite spoiled right?

We decided to go back to basics and forget about the gifts. Focus on being together and spending time with one another instead. As a bonus we do not have to stand in line in all the stores with the rest of Denmark lol.

How are you spending the holidays? at home with family? og maybe traveling somewhere?

I know I am looking forward to a lovely Christmas with my family and hubs – kick back and relax, watch cheesy Christmas movies and eating way to much amazing food and my Grandmothers Christmas cookies. What more do we really need? 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!


Tights: Gucci

Phonecase: Michael Louis NY

(get 15% off +free initials with BRITTA15) shop here

Bag: Louis Vuitton Palm Springs mini

Sunnies: NAKD fashion





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Spontaneous Holiday feels

While everyone seems to be on summer holiday somewhere exotic with beautiful sandy beaches and drinks in hand I am still stuck at the office waiting very patiently for my turn to enjoy a feew weeks off.

I still have not made any plans what so ever and it actually feels kind of good. Now I have the chance to be spontanious and do whatever I want for 3 weeks straight! How awsome is that?! If I want I could jet off to Sounthern France or go on roadtrip through Europe and stop where ever my heart desires.

I live in a very small country but there are still so many places I have not been and I love exploring new places to go and to be honest: Denmark is really beautiful during summer. Especially now when the sun is out and we have not seen a single raindrop in weeks.

Right now the cornfields are blowing in the wind and the citys are quiet – it is the perfect time to explore all the hitten gems of our little country. Go to the little café I always walk past because it is to crouded and also hit the final sales in the small shops to find a good bargain.

What do you love about the summer holidays? and what are you up to this year?

Have you planned everything or are you spontaneous just like me?


Dress: Bubbleroom

Bag: French baskets

Scarf: Lemotini

Shoes: Topshop

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Beach days in Denmark with Hunkemöller

Hi lovelies,

Beach days in Denmark is not something that happens a lot. There have been many summers with only one or two beach days if we are lucky!

The weather has come as a big surprise this year!

The sun had been out everyday during May and now as we are mid June we have had less rain than I can remember. Ever!

This means that us Danes are finally coming out and enjoying everything that we love about summer. Which means a lot of barbecuing, gardening and of corse hanging out at the beach or nearest pool.

The result of this is that for the longest time ever I actually got myself a new bikini! Yay!

I picked this colorful 2 piece from Hunkemöller because I finally got a bit of a tan without any traveling lol.

Also it is easy to mix and match with other bikinis that you might own already to give a more fun look.

This is actually my first Hunkemöller suit and I could not be happier with the fit. As a large chested mademoirselle it can be quite tricky to find a bikini top that makes ‘everything’ stay in its place and also giving you that perfect lift and that doesn’t make you worry about nip slips.

You can shop my bikini and many many other gorgeous suits here



Hunkemöller has a broad selection of bikinis and suits that fints every kind of body – slim to curvy. The best part is that the price is great as well so you don’t have to break the bank to look chic on the beach this summer.

On another note I have some very exciting news! This is something that I never dreamed would happen to me.

I have been nominated in the Hunkemöller blogger awards 2018!!! To say that I am exited is an understatement! I am so honored to be nominated!

What a great way to start the weekend right?!!

It would mean the world to me if you would go and vote for me via this link – you can add your vote from Monday June 18th.

Have you found the perfect beach wear for this summer?


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Feeling the heat with NA-KD


Hi everyone,

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed my collaboration with NA-KD Fashion – they are running a big campaign in Denmark with #nakdlovesdenmark.

For this collaboration I chose some pieces from the NA-KD X Kristin Sundberg range. I find it so cool that NA-KD teams up with amazing bloggers and Instagram personas to create new pieces for their online shop.

The White ripped denim jacket is so cool and easy to wear. I love it because it is a bit different than the classic blue denim. I styled it with a classic white low back tee and a dusty green ruffle skirt and my beloved LV fannypack.


I hope you enjoyed the look and remeber you can get 20% off your entire order + free worldwide shipping by adding ‘britta20’ at checkout.


Happy shopping!

Shop denim Jacket here

Skirt here


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Coffee, roses and Isay

Hi Guys!

Happy almost weekend!

These past weeks have been crazy af! So happy that the weekend is fast approaching.

I am diffenately ready for some downtime with hubs, family dinners and lots of netflixing.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am impatiently waiting for spring!

It feels like we have been pushed back into January with all this snow falling again!

all of sudden it is not weird that people have not taken down their Christmas lights yet. The lights totally ads a certain amount of, what we Danes call hygge, on these cold snow days.

The upside to this weather is that it seems much lighter in the evening than it would be if it was just raining but still….

The few days that the temps hits above zero degrees I therefore must consider as Spring and wear all of my new Spring clothes and shoes.

I mean how much longer can a girl wait?! New clothes just hanging in your closet adding guilt to your conscience for not wearing them!

I know you must think that I am crazy but this is what my impatience does to me lol

Luckily my new spring wardrobe includes comfy new knits as well!

This white knit from Isay is no exception with its cute back lace up detail and low V in the front.

Also it helps me keep a bit warm during shoots and very easy to style.

Perfect with jeans like today for a more casual look or over your cute summer dresses in the hopefully near future!

It is such a versatile piece and I cannot wait to style it in different ways all during Spring.

Are you waiting impatiently for Spring as well?

Or how are you coping with the cold weather?


Knit: Isay shop here


Shoes: Flattered shop here

Bag: Cèline vintage


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Check for life!

Lately everywhere I look I see check printed suits and blazers and I am OBSESSED!!

I have already purchased 2 pant suits and one skirt suit in a short time. and that is not the only checkered pieces in my closet!

Told you I was obsessed lol!

Check has become such a classic and a must have in every closet.

Today I want to share this skirt set from Global Funk which is checkered with a twist.

If you look closely you will see that yellow has been added to make a colorful contrast to the grey.

This is also what makes it different from the two other suits I have in my closet.

Are you convinced?

Because that is what I told hubs….. Do you think he fell for it?

Either way I loooove it! and will definately be wearing it a lot during spring as it is light and easy to style with different pieces from my wardrobe.

This time I styled it with a simple tee and Kicks combo which ads the perfect casual touch to any suit out there.

Are you as obsessed with Check as I am?


Blazer: Global Funk shop here

Skirt: Global Funk shop here

T-shirt: Mbym shop here

Bag: Proenza Schouler shop here

Sunnies: Celine shop here

Shoes: Adidas shop here


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Buy & sell preloved fashion with Zadaa app

This weekend I started doing some spring cleaning in my wardrobe to make room for more summer clothes and sandals.

Why do us girls have sooooo much stuff we never use? I feel I say this a lot and either way I always end up with lots and lots of clothing that I only use once! (Or never!)

When I clear out space in my closet I always try and sell the best of the pieces I am not using anymore and the rest I donate to charity.

The good pieces that have rarely been worn I try and sell online and recently I found a new app that can help me get rid of some of my clutter!

I have uploaded a few items on Zadaa marketplace app that helps me sell my preloved fashion items.

One womans trash is another womans treasure right?

The Zadaa app is very easy to work with and has some very cool features that makes the search for your next preloved bargain much easier.

for example you can add your size and hight into the app and it automatically matches items in the app that fits you!

This means that you do not have to go through endless amount of items that do not fit you bodytype.

The best part about the app is: Zadaa has buyer protection!

Which means that Zadaa will refund your money, if the purchased item, never shows up!

I have already found some great preloved items and added them to my spring/summer wishlist.

Download the Zadaa app here and start buying new tings for your wardrobe or start selling your preloved pieces.

Are you ready to shop from more than 100,000 wardrobes?!

In collaboration with Zadaa.

All words, styling and creative opinion my own.

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